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Happy Easter ... time to make ridiculous eggs (previously: House,…

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Happy Easter ... time to make ridiculous eggs (previously: House, Jeeves and House, Farscape).

“I know I have the shell of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the yolk of a king.” - Elizabeth I of Eggland.

Ruffs are difficult to convey in the medium of egg.

More eggs ...

Ok, I have two justifications for making a Frankenstein Easter egg …

1) It was cracked, but I wanted to use it anyway, and decided to incorporate the cracks.
2) Well, the day’s already about resurrecting this and that.

He was away in Boston for the weekend (some gaming con), so I harnessed the power of eggs to perfectly replicate the Ryan Experience.
  • I love your Easter eggs SO MUCH. :D They are awesome. I'm particularly impressed with Queen Elizabeth.
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