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January 15th, 2012

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Interesting discussion of the language in the Next Generation episode, "Darmok".

December 18th, 2011

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Addendum to last Merlin post - someone also explain Agravaine to me, in particular his alliance with Morgana. What the hell is in it for him? How is ruling through Arthur (or at least trying to) less preferable than ... what is it he gains from Morgana? Besides abuse and failure, I mean.

I continue to just not get what, if anything, Morgana has planned as queen beyond "fuck you, Arthur! Fuck you, Gwen!" It's not that it's not in character for her - Morgana has always been self absorbed and kind of an idiot - I just don't get why anyone would get on that crazy train with her (and I loved the couple of times villains have gotten off it - Queen Lindsey Duncan opting for Arthur over her, what's his name the Gaius torturer switching to Team Merlin ...).

December 13th, 2011

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Merlin-watching bits of my flist: someone explain Morgana and her incredibly convoluted plans this season in some way other than "magic drills holes in your brain", which is my go-to theory right now.

When your A-plan is "raise the dead!", maybe you need to start exploring less Rube Goldbergian thought processes and start thinking like not a putz. Loved the ep with Lindsey Duncan as the queen who grasps Morgana's uselessness over like, a weekend of exposure to her.

PS - Morgana's endgame is what, exactly? To be Queen of Camelot, sure, but - then what? They've pretty much established that magic equality is at best an after thought, and probably more a carrot she brings out to lead magic users on with.

December 7th, 2011

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So, between scanner trouble and some art-block, I'm a bit behind on my fanart-a-day project. Here's 9 bits of fanart, to count for ... whenever. That leaves what, 9 more til I'm caught up to now? At least the only goal I've set is "a fanart per day", not "quality fanart", so I can throw out some doodles and the usual silly bullshit I do.

immediately post Time War NineCollapse )
Blake and AvonCollapse )
Dukat and GarakCollapse )
PicardassianCollapse )
Crossover - Spock and TwoCollapse )
Weyoun and the FounderCollapse )
Kirk and the GornCollapse )
Walter WhiteCollapse )
more Dukat and GarakCollapse )

Lots of Star Trek this time, but then I do draw a lot while watching Star Trek.

November 18th, 2011

(no subject)

Friday, Tumblr repost day ...

for Saturday - old SpockCollapse )

for Sunday - WeyounCollapse )

for Monday - 7 of 9, the buxon Borg from Luxoumborg!Collapse )

for Tuesday - G'KarCollapse )

for Wednesday - Eleven fails at Venusian aikidoCollapse )

(if you're on the Best Enemies comm, you may have seen these last two - reposting art from about a year ago)
for Thursday - Three era phallic imagery gets out of handCollapse )

for Friday - AinleyMaster, Lord of illusion!Collapse )

November 13th, 2011

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Title: Under Pressure
Fandom: Dr Who - Ninth Doctor
Artist: Queen and David Bowie
Focus: Nine-era in general, with various combinations of Nine, Rose and Jack throughout in a shippy fashion

November 3rd, 2011

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Posting all my fanart here ... I'll make a weeks-worth crosspost here maybe tomorrow. Trying to post something everyday. I drew a stack of things at Glenn's tonight, i should ink a few of them tomorrow, and color them if they involve no shade of human skin (those markers are just about dead)

Going to Virgina this weekend, to my uncle's farm. Looking forward to it - he planned a bunch of history-themed sightseeing trips, since it's me and my mom going, plus I like these relatives.

November 1st, 2011

(no subject)

Doctor Who
Went into the city for Halloween, met up with my cousin Andrea. She was dressed as She Riker (the costume being too form-fitting to pull off standard issue Riker), and I was dressed as Four, on account of being very lazy and already having the costume. We had a good time, wandering and drinking and talking and wandering some more, followed by Vietnamese food and some "Walking Dead" (which is alright, not sure if I'll continue with it).

When we got near the parade in Greenwich village, one of the many cops patrolling the area tapped my arm as I walked past. I was taken aback at first, cause I was pretty sure I wasn't doing anything illegal ... then he asked to take my picture. Apparently he'd gone as Four to a costume party earlier that weekend, and was excited to see someone else doing it, too :)

There was also some to-do with friends of Andrea's friends starting a riot with their drunken car-jumping-on antics, but I was only involved in a "hearing about it 2nd, maybe 3rd hand/watching cops and EMTs drive past the restaurant" kind of way.

I always enjoy a Halloween in the city.
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